JA emotes enabled in FFA?

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JA emotes enabled in FFA?

Post by Niw » Tue Feb 09, 2010 3:26 pm

Hi :)

I have been wondering if there's a way to enable /meditate /bow etc. emote cmds in Free For All gametype? I thought only of adding a mod - but I seem unable to resolve this problem since my skills with moding/editing are pretty low tbh.

Thanks for your time and possible answer ^^

/edit: Forgot to mention: I run a linux 1.00 server

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Re: JA emotes enabled in FFA?

Post by Gamall » Tue Feb 09, 2010 4:49 pm


After a little bit of searching, I found the code which governs this: http://www.mt-wudan.com/jkamp/g__active ... tml#l01662

More specifically:

Code: Select all

01670         if ( taunt != TAUNT_TAUNT )
01671         {//normal taunt always allowed
01672                 if ( g_gametype.integer != GT_DUEL
01673                         && g_gametype.integer != GT_POWERDUEL )
01674                 {//no taunts unless in Duel
01675                         return;
01676                 }
01677         } 
If you recall the last time we corresponded ( http://www.gamall-ida.com/f/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=960 ), it was possible to simply alter the jampgame binary to disable the check.

The same approach would be possible here, albeit vastly more difficult. For debugsetsabermove, we were lucky in that the check was performed on a string, the only occurrence of which was easy to find. Here the check is done on integers...

So you have two options:
  • Either try and find the location where this code was compiled in the binary and bypass the check. This should be reasonably doable because this code has no reason to have been inlined and duplicated all over the place. It should appear on one specific place, just as the string did for debugsetsabermove.
    However finding it and properly altering the binary will require working knowledge of disassemblers and assembly language, which is outside of my own skillset. So I am unable to help you any further if you choose this way. This being said, if you can find someone with the appropriate skillset, this modification should be trivial for them.
  • or, you can remove the above code and create your mod, with all the annoyances this implies (probably altered damages and blocks etc). Er... on second thought, no you can't, since you are on 1.00. So in order to use this solution you'd need to migrate to 1.01.

That's about it...
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Re: JA emotes enabled in FFA?

Post by Niw » Tue Feb 09, 2010 8:33 pm

Thanks for your reply, Gamall :)

I asked my clan fellows and we agreed on that we shouldn't play on a mod or visibly modified game client since we play official matches with other clans/teams on our server and they would complain about using a mod for a standart tffa...
I just wanted to enhance their role-playing experience while not training/fighting allowing them to use these "emotes". On the second thought they find primary training and tournaments...

Nevertheless, I really appreciate your effort and good will to help. Your tips and advices always teach me something new (I enjoy reading other threads and learning new stuff about this game)

Thanks for your time and keep your excellent work ;)

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