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Quick and Dirty Files Compare

Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2007 12:13 am
by Gamall

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/* Quick and Dirty Files Compare */
     by Gamall Wednesday Ida



This program compares two files byte by byte. Useful to quickly control punctual byte hacks.

As the phrase "Quick and Dirty" indicates, it is not very sophisticated, and won't search for patterns, offsets or anything... just plain byte by byte comparison. 


Select two files, and drop them onto the program's icon.

The differences between the two files will be displayed and printed in a file QnD_Compare.txt, in the same directory than the executable.

If there are too many differences, the program will only list the first thousand.


v1.0: Buffered files completely before comparison, which was stupid: much memory wasted, inefficient vs heavy files.

v2.0: No buffer. Faster. Modest memory usage.
Note to myself: must recompile this with VC++ instead of mingw GCC. Not that it matters much...