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Quick MD5 hash

Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2007 3:51 pm
by Gamall
-> Download HERE
(Just for the heck of it, the check-sum of the archive is 9a15c2e89349a353ffdc837e9a1340b4 ;))

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/*        Quick MD5 Hash         */
     by Gamall Wednesday Ida



This program computes the MD5 hash (or checksum) of any file or list of files.

If only one file is processed, then the program assumes that you want to make sure of the file's integrity by checking its checksum against the one it is supposed to yield. Just paste the hash you have got (right click / Paste under winXP) and press ENTER. The program will tell you if the two hashes are the same or not, and the console will become green or red respectively.

This behaviour can be deactivated by use of the option "-i".

Every computed hash is stored in the file MD5-hash.txt, in the same directory than the executable, unless the option -l is set.


MD5<options>.exe  <file1> <file2> ... <file n>

Just select however many files you want, and drop them onto the icon of the program.

You can even put the executable in the C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_USER_NAME\SendTo\ folder. Then you can compute the checksum of any file or group of file by using the right-click menu.


You can alter the behaviour of the program by giving it launch options. The options are set by altering the name of the executable file. Just add the option anywhere. The available options are:

"-i" : Non interactive mode.

In case only one file is processed, the program will not ask the user to check the MD5 sum against another.

"-l" : No logs

The computed MD5 sums will not be written in the log file MD5-hash.txt.

"-p" : No pause

The program will not prompt the user to press a key before terminating. Which means that, unless you are using it in command line, you will barely see the program's window before it disappears.

"+p" : With logs popup

The program will display the whole log as soon as the hash is computed.

Examples : "MD5-i-l.exe", "Hash -i.exe", "-l checksum - i.exe" etc are all valid... "MD5 -il.exe" is not, however.


I used the GPL C++ MD5 implementation by Christophe Devine.


v1.0: Original, compiled with GCC. 

v1.1: ~Original, compiled with VC++ 8. Slightly faster.

v1.2: Better display of long names, corrected bug in 1.1 where hex 00 would be displayed 0.

Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2007 4:19 pm
by Gamall
Here is a little batch file which automatically installs MD5.exe in your "SendTo" folder, if you really are too lazy do do that manually ;).

Just put it in the same folder than MD5.exe and execute it.

(in fact it will copy any .exe file it the same folder than it, so you can use options on MD5.exe)