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q3server Port Scanner

Postby Gamall » Sat Jun 16, 2007 2:09 pm

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**          JEDI KNIGHT: Jedi Outcast && Jedi Academy          **
  #               TITLE : q3server Port Scanner               # 
  #                   TYPE : Server Utility                   # 
  #                       VERSION : 0.1                       # 
  #               AUTHOR : Gamall Wednesday Ida               # 
  #               E-MAIL : gamall.ida@gmail.com               # 
  #              WEBSITE : http://gamall-ida.com              # 
  #                                                           # 
  #               FILENAME : q3PortScanner.exe                # 
  #                    FILESIZE : < 400 Ko                    # 
  #                 RELEASE DATE : June 2007                  # 
+   DESCRIPTION                                                 
+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-o          +
 This simple command-line program scans ports or ranges of ports
 of  a physical server and detects JK3 or JK2 servers running on
 it (in fact any server based on a quake3 engine) even  if  they
 are  not listed by the master servers. It generates a text file
 with the complete status response of each detected server,  and
 a  little  summary  with the total capacity of all servers, and
 the total number of players connected to the server at the time
 of the scan.                                                   
 This tool can be useful to people hosting several JK servers on
 the same dedicated server (which I do): It can be used to get a
 quick overview of the load  on  the  dedicated  server,  debunk
 ghost servers (when you try to host several servers on the same
 port  N  and,  instead of throwing an exception like any decent
 program  would,  they  just  sit  silently  on   port   N+1...)
 Since  it  doesn't need any kind of administrator access to the
 target server, it can  also  be  used  by  clients  of  hosting
 companies  specialized in JK, to monitor the load of the server
 they are on. Etc.                                               
+   HOW DO I USE THAT THING ?                                   
+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-o          +
 First-off, this is a command-line utility,  so  either  use  it
 from the DOS prompt, through a shortcut, or, better still, in a
 batch...  You know the drill. If you don't, the time is ripe to
 Gooooogle ;-)                                                   
 Now, let us see the syntax:                                     
       q3scan ip <X.X.X.X> +p <ports to  scan>
                          [-p <ports to avoid>]
 The ports to scan or avoid are of  the  form  X,Y,Z-T,V-W...  ,
 which means ports X and Y and all ports between Z and T and all
 ports  between  V  and W. +app causes the report to be added at
 the end of the report file instead of  replacing  all  previous
 contents  of  the  file.  -popup prevents the report from being
 displayed when the program terminates.  +terminate  deters  the
 program  from  waiting  for  the  user  to  press  a key before
 exiting. Here are some real examples:                           
          q3PortScanner.exe ip
                            +p 29060, 29070, 29080, 29090
          q3PortScanner.exe ip
                            +p 29060-29090
                            -p 29061-29069,29071-29079
+   LIMITATIONS                                                 
+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-o          +
 Scanning ports takes time: About  one  second  per  port,  even
 (chiefly)  if there isn't anything interesting running on them.
 That is because I need to give the server a reasonable time  to
 answer any query. For that reason, scanning all the 65536 ports
 of  a  server  would be way too long. So you better cut the fat
 off the target port ranges.                                     
 Tip: The report of any scan lists the valid scanned ports.  You
 can  just  copy-paste  that  and  use  it  as  +p  argument  in
 subsequent runs ;-)                                             
 Note that this tool won't detect non-q3based servers. So it  is
 useless  as a load estimator if your host runs mixed servers on
 a physical box.                                                 
+   LEGAL STUFF                                                 
+=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-o          +

  | File generated with 'GaTeX',|
  | an ASCII typesetting system |
  | by  Gamall  Wednesday  Ida. |
  |   http://gamall-ida.com     |
  Build: Sat Jun 16 00:36:53 2007
  File : q3PortScannerReadme.gat

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